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Headshot of Sharice Davids overlayed with her logo and examples of ads from 2020

“Rising Tide’s data-driven approach made sure we didn’t leave a single vote on the table in a tough environment for House freshmen. Their work with our analytics partners allowed for us to launch dynamic creative to multiple audiences that were all critical for our path to victory.”

Rep. Sharice Davids


In 2020, Rep. Sharice Davids was defending a House seat in suburban Kansas City where voters had shifted away from Trump but where the Republicans still held an 8.5 point registration advantage over Democrats. While Rep. Davids won her seat by 9.6 points in 2018, the pandemic and the presidential election were expected to create a fundamentally different electorate.

"Covid-19 pandemic brings changes to Kansas polling sites, increase in advance ballots" -KWCH 12

"Record voter turnout predicted in Kansas" -41 KSHB


To assure Rep. Davids’s reelection, we developed a digital persuasion and mobilization plan that would bolster support and turnout across key demographics and select state house districts at the center of her path to victory. This included the development of a hybrid persuasion-turnout audience priming highly important lower-propensity Black voters for later GOTV messaging, as well as layering in issue-persuasion models to ensure that voters received the messages that would be most likely to sway them — and least likely to generate backlash.


In an election year where many House freshmen saw their 2018 margins significantly narrow, our multi-faceted, data-first approach allowed the campaign to overperform on key metrics and ensure victory. Rep. Davids gained in the percentage of two-party votes received in all five target state house districts from 2018 to 2020, and she outperformed President Biden in three of the five districts. We were proud to aid Rep. Davids in her 10-point victory.

Bar chart depicting percent increase between the years of 2018 and 2020 in House Districts of Kansas.