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“New Hampshire is a purple state and we knew our digital persuasion and GOTV program would be a critical way to communicate with voters. Rising Tide Interactive’s work helped us outperform the top of the ticket with impactful and creative content featuring Granite Staters talking directly to their friends and neighbors about health care, the economy and COVID-19 relief. Their customized plan to reach a coalition of undecided New Hampshire voters was innovative, effective, and helped move Trump voters to support our campaign.”

Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Localized and Authentic

Our work with Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign in communicating with Trump and swing ticket voters was so successful that, according to Inside Elections, she outperformed the Democratic baseline by 6.7% — the highest outperformance of any Democrat in 2020.

We kept our core message consistent and disciplined — that Jeanne Shaheen makes a difference for New Hampshire.

Rather than allowing the national race to define our messaging, we kept our program localized, and focused on the issues that matter most to Granite Staters. We used first person validators for both persuasion and GOTV ads to ground the campaign message with real Granite Staters.

Reaching the Right Targets

New Hampshire is a purple state with an independent electorate — so we focused on key areas throughout the state and demographics like noncollege educated women and current college students, to identify those individuals who were most likely to be undecided or persuadable voters or supporters we needed to make sure turned out.

Early and Sustained Investment

Starting in April, we began boosting news articles from local sources on social media focusing on Senator Shaheen’s COVID relief work. We established the central theme of “Jeanne Shaheen making a difference” early on — and were able to shore up our positives ahead of any attack ads.