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In the weeks leading up to June 2018, the divisive rhetoric and debate around immigration seemed to reach its peak. The fate of Dreamers was even more uncertain, the GOP was renewing calls to Build The Wall, and stories of children separated from their families at the border sparked outrage and activism.

It was in this context that I Am An Immigrant began planning for Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM)—an annual celebration of the contributions immigrants make to their communities and to our country. Conveying a different side of America—one kinder and more welcoming than ICE agents and MAGA hats—was both more important and more challenging than ever.

RTI was proud to manage the paid media program for IHM, as we have since 2016. This year felt different—here are a few things we took away.


Keep People Feeling Engaged – And Valued – At Every Step

Our digital program for IHM consisted of several components: acquiring new email subscribers and social media followers, driving RSVPs at events across the country, encouraging story sharing, and promoting content throughout the month.


Rather than viewing each part of the program as a separate entity, we strove to think about an individual’s journey through IHM. Once acquired into the IAAI family, supporters were served engaging content throughout the month with varied calls to action. We reached them on multiple platforms. And each step in the journey was another reinforcement of the message that immigrants make our country stronger and richer every day.

Create Content For The Platform And The Moment

Top performing creative during IHM was content optimized for digital channels: short and engaging videos, vertical and interactive Instagram stories, and animated GIFs produced the strongest metrics. During a stressful and uncertain news environment, creative that featured children and families resonated with our audiences.

Just Because Something Isn’t Quantifiable, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Worth Doing

We can’t say for sure whether our efforts brought joy or comfort to immigrant communities during IHM this year. But at a time when immigrants are bombarded by messages that they’re not welcome in the country they call home, we’re honored to play a role in countering that narrative.

IHM 2018 By The Numbers