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We were hired by the USO to take over a stalled acquisition program. Rising Tide was tasked with developing and executing a list growth program that would increase the USO’s overall fundraising numbers.


We combined an aggressive donor prospect program with diverse strategies designed to acquire new donors and convert one-time donors into sustainers. By focusing on existing donor attributes and leveraging data to build models of qualified donor prospects, we were able to grow the USO’s donor base through immediate actions online, and by acquiring email addresses who converted to donors through email fundraising appeals at a high return on investment.

Testing multiple online audiences and creative allowed us to match the right message to the most qualified prospects, driving down cost per new donor and increasing immediate and long term revenue.  


  • More than $2.5 million in immediate contributions
  • Average gift of $67
  • More than 35,000 gifts from more than 30,000 individual donors
  • 14,000+ new donors acquired
  • 2,500+ recurring donations initiated