“‘It’s like a broader democratization of the DNC in a way,’ said Annie Levene, a partner at Rising Tide Interactive, a digital marketing agency that works with Democratic campaigns.

Organizing and voter outreach since then has similarly occurred online and by telephone. Biden campaign officials and other party leaders told BuzzFeed News that they have been experimenting with digital tactics for months. The thought is that because of the pandemic, voters would rather receive a call or a text message than a knock at their door.

‘What I have been hearing is, because people are still at home, the connects were really, really high,’ said Levene. ‘So you’re able to have much more effective phone banking, and as people are signing up for all these virtual events, you’re gonna get data from that. Your phone number, your address — all of that stuff is really important, especially if we’re looking at vote-by-mail.'”

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