We’re excited to tell you that our work with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) just won a Reed award for Best Online Fundraising Program!



A year ago, NDRC asked us to build an unprecedented online grassroots network to help fix what NDRC Chairman Eric H. Holder, Jr., has called “the biggest rigged system in America” — Republican gerrymandering. We set out to launch a digital infrastructure that would fuel the organization all the way through to redistricting in 2021.

The digital fundraising program took off immediately because the NDRC was fully committed to digital from day one — they never let their foot off the gas when it came to building a robust online community.

We believe that no program more effectively captured the raw grassroots momentum that resulted from Donald Trump’s inauguration to build a program that will drive real and lasting change. In less than a year, NDRC’s digital program has already become a multi-million-dollar source of revenue that has helped the organization grow their talented staff and make significant financial contributions in targeted electoral fights. This is an online fundraising program that will fuel the organization for years to come.

It’s all evidence for what we at RTI, and our clients, already know: When progressive causes invest in digital, it pays off in a big way.