About Rising Tide

Rising Tide Interactive is a data-driven digital advertising agency with a personal approach and a history of winning results for our clients. Over the past two election cycles, our work has helped Democrats win nine US Senate races and seven gubernatorial elections. We’ve helped win hard-fought ballot initiatives on critical issues like gay marriage and personhood. And we’ve helped raise tens of millions of dollars for campaigns and non-profit organizations.

Our staff knows, lives and breathes politics and fundraising. We’ve cut our teeth working on, and for, political campaigns and organizations across the country – not large agencies. This experience, combined with a relentless pursuit of innovation, has allowed us to pioneer some of the best practices for direct response, and persuasion & mobilization advertising.

Our competitive advantage is not limited to creative development; in fact, our firm’s core philosophy is that leveraging data is absolutely essential to maximize the impact of digital advertising. For too long, political and non-profit organizations have lagged behind corporate America in terms of taking advantage of the latest advances in online advertising technology. Our approach to media buying and targeting is uniquely suited help our clients organizations close that gap.

We work exclusively for political campaigns and non-profit organizations; we have no corporate clients. All of us at Rising Tide Interactive are strongly committed to using our knowledge of the Internet to create positive change – helping candidates and organizations who focus on promoting social justice.