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Opportunity Wisconsin


  • This spot was part of a larger digital and mail-only effort in the state of Wisconsin. The Atlantic magazine wrote that we “managed to do remarkable damage to Trump’s standing.” Through testing and collaboration with the Analyst Institute, we were able to move swing voters’ opinion on Trump’s handling of the economy and the presidential horse race in a statistically significant way.
  • Part of this ad is from our digital-only shoot pre-shutdown in February 2020. We were able to combine the original high-quality footage with an updated voice-over using our remote shoot platform.
  • We’re particularly proud of this ad because we were able to still use message discipline to keep hitting Trump on the economy, but also update the proof points to reflect how Trump was still failing Wisconsin during COVID without resorting to the less effective health care message.

Jeanne Shaheen for Senate

“In His Own Words”

  • In this ad, we used digital as a way to introduce hits on our opponent while still running positive tracks in coordination with the television program – and were able to keep it effective while cutting down the runtime to 15 seconds.
  • Instead of asserting unfavorable positions that our opponent took, we used footage from an interview to indisputably illustrate that his values were out of touch with New Hampshire.
  • We also used this ad as a way to improve our standing amongst a targeted group of persuadable voters that were lagging behind and are exceptionally expensive to communicate to through television: non-college women in the Boston media market.

Voto Latino

“Georgia GOTV”

  • This ad helped drive turnout with key Democratic demographics (including young and Hispanic voters) for Georgia’s special election Senate races — one of the most heavily saturated media environments for a state-wide race ever.
  • The spot was informed by a series of randomized control trials where we analyzed, in races as far back as 2014, which ads are likely to motivate people to cast ballots relative to a control group that did not receive any digital advertising. Those experiments consistently found that communicating the fact that voting is public record is far more impactful than a message about how voting will make a difference on issues.
  • This ad in particular was one of several that we deployed in Georgia that used vote history customization — a tactic that we first tested in the 2019 elections. The Analyst Institute noted it was “one of the largest effects Analyst Institute has observed of paid digital ads on voter turnout.” Using deterministic matching from the voter file, we served customized ads to folks based on their own personal voting records.