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Ready for Hillary recognized the key to success in a modern presidential election is activating massive amounts of grassroots support. But they saw a potential challenge if Hillary wanted to do that: when she became Secretary of State, Hillary had to leave behind her entire political operation that had taken years to build.


Rising Tide partnered with Ready for Hillary to undertake an unprecedented mission: build an entire grassroots movement from the ground up. By combining the best online advertising with aggressive email fundraising strategies, the perfect formula was found to raise awareness, maximize ROI, and reach the most supporters.



  • Generated over 120,000 donors
  • Identified over 4 million supporters       
  • Raised over $4,500,000 in grassroots donations

“one of the smartest political businesses in recent memory… Ready for Hillary was so successful at collecting donations and e-mail addresses”

The Washington Post 4/6/2015


“Rising Tide’s approach has given us the power to find Hillary’s best supporters and turn them into the grassroots donors and advocates who drive this movement.”

Adam Parkhomenko, Executive Director, Ready for Hillary