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Compassion & Choices wanted to build a grassroots movement to raise money to pass laws authorizing end-of-life choice in all 50 states. They turned to Rising Tide Interactive to help grow their online donor base and activate supporters, both for online fundraising and direct advocacy.


  • We ran digital acquisition ads focused on prospective donors and crafted a fundraising-heavy email program to return Compassion & Choices original investment.
  • We used Facebook’s custom audience tool to build a lookalike model of Compassion & Choices existing donors, including mail donors, and targeted those people with Facebook acquisition ads.
  • We ran an extensive search campaign on both Google and Bing to capture prospective donors looking for information on Compassion & Choices and other end-of-life choice organizations.
  • We used Facebook interest targeting to find the cross-section of political activists who were likely to support death with dignity laws, based on their Facebook activity.
  • Because end-of-life choice is a complicated and nuanced issue, we crafted an email marketing strategy that included education about the issue, non-fundraising advocacy asks, and fundraising emails at key moments like the end of the year, when Compassion & Choices brings in a significant portion of their yearly donations.



Since we started working with Compassion & Choices, we’ve grown their email list by 200,000 supporters and brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars.