Everybody’s social network includes that one friend—the one who shows up sometimes and completely disappears on you the next time. Eventually, you start making plans without them.

For political campaigns, that unreliable friend is Facebook.

Ironically, the company that redefined the term “social network” has shown a shocking lack of social skills when it comes to campaigns. Over the past months, Facebook has set increasingly arbitrary and bizarre bans on campaign advertising, making it virtually impossible for campaigns to use the platform. While harshly cracking down on legitimate campaign advertising, Facebook spent years doing next to nothing to stop damaging organic content like QAnon that spread like wildfire.

In early September, Facebook announced its ban on new ads in the week before the election. Since then, Facebook repeatedly extended its ban, suddenly reopened it for a brief period in December, and then reinstituted it again in January. On a random Wednesday afternoon earlier this month, Facebook suddenly lifted its ban again with no explanation.

It’s enough to make your head spin. Now that Facebook says it’s back, the question for campaigns is: Is it worth it?

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