Last week, Georgia Democrats flipped TWO Senate seats — and the balance of power in the Senate itself — by reimagining what a political campaign can be. The Rising Tide team had the privilege of working with Fair Fight, Voto Latino, the Democratic Party of Georgia, and Future Forward USA to raise millions of dollars, register and mobilize key voters, and make history.

Our work with Voto Latino helped power a surge of more than 75,000 new voter registrations between Nov. 4 and Dec. 7 — including a disproportionate number of Democratic voters, young voters, and voters of color. Our program was based on a series of randomized control trials we conducted in 2020, which gave us the data and insight we needed to maximize effectiveness at key moments and achieve a record low cost per registration.

We worked with the Democratic Party of Georgia to increase email frequency, maximize deliverability, quickly launch an SMS program, and conduct a series of A/B tests that super-charged their digital fundraising program, raising more than $1 million from over 100,000 donors in just six weeks to help power their organizing and mobilization work.

We also helped maximize fundraising for Fair Fight by conducting a multi-phase testing program to optimize ask strings, landing page design, and more.

In the weeks leading up to the election, we partnered with the Democratic Party of Georgia, Voto Latino, and Future Forward Action to target more than 2 million key voters across Georgia with voting information and mobilization messaging. We deployed targeting and creative strategies developed in experiment-informed programs we ran in 2020 — programs that used live media and in-flight testing to measure the most effective tactics for motivating low-turnout audiences to vote.

Our campaigns reached a wide swath of voters of color across the state. We served tailored content to Black, Latinx, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and South Asian voters — targeted by language where applicable — across platforms ranging from Facebook and YouTube to TV Asia and Zee TV.

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