When it became clear that traditional video shoots and everything that goes along with them (air travel, film crews, long days in poorly ventilated rooms, etc.) were no longer practical or even safe, we quickly pivoted to a fully remote film strategy.

We mailed our remote shoot kit over 10,000 miles from August through October and conducted more than four dozen remote video shoots, capturing video of candidates, community leaders, and voters that could be used in digital campaigns. Software allowed our team to remotely control focus, exposure, color balance, depth of field, and more so the subject could focus on their role: sharing their story.

Remote video shoots videos allow candidates to let their constituents speak for themselves — without the health risk and cost of a full production day. These shoots can save tens of thousands of dollars for our campaigns, money that can be used to reach more voters. Read more about why RTI’s Associate Director of Video Production, Germain McCarthy, says remote video shoots are here to stay in Campaigns and Elections.

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