Back with a follow up to Digital Acronyms 101, here are a few more terms you might need to know if you’re working in digital advertising or just want to understand a little bit more about what we’re talking about on the Rising Tide blog.

DSP stands for demand-side platform – it’s a platform that allows advertisers to purchase display inventory using real-time bidding (RTB) across multiply ad exchanges.

Frequency capping
Frequency capping refers to limiting the number of times an ad can be shown to a target. Advertisers use this to make sure they aren’t hitting the same person with the same ad too many times.

Geofencing is a type of mobile ad targeting based on location – advertisers can draw a digital “fence” around a specific geographic area or target a radius around a specific point and only hit mobile devices that ping within that geofence.

Native advertising
Native advertisements don’t stand out as ads on a webpage – they fit in more seamlessly and often appear to the viewer as a suggested article to read.

Remnant inventory
Remnant inventory is inventory that publishers haven’t been able to sell directly. It’s often sold for a steep discount on ad exchanges.

I’m told I get to to keep writing blog posts every few weeks — so rest assured Digital Terms, Part 3 is on the horizon… Anyone wondering what a cookie is?