With Late Night with David Letterman off the air, we assume that the top-ten format is up for grabs, and because we care about your ~social media presence~ here are 10 things that should never be a part of your company’s Twitter program.

  1. Typos/Grammatical errors
  2. Making light of Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any other somber, reflective holiday
  3. Misusing modern slang
    See: YOLO
  4. Obviously purchasing followers from a shady vendor
    We see you @00312AY120
  5. Following and/or interacting with inappropriate accounts
    You know it when you see it
  6. Long, ugly links — Bitly is your friend!
  7. Feeding the trolls
  8. Biting satire
    That Onion article will do just fine without your official endorsement
  9. Random sports tweeting
    Hometown heroes/national teams or nothing

And finally…

  1. Any T-Swift criticism
    Keep it to yourself, Buzz Killington

Thank you, happy Tweeting!